2019 was a busy one indeed!

With over 100 new projects started and 300K+ miles flown across North America on behalf of our clients’ projects, Lenity is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and profitable planning, design and build experience for you.
Our thoughtful planning has led to many award-winning designs over the years – 2019 was no different. Planning and architecture with genuine care is who we are and what we stand for each and every day.

Licensing Updates:

With a variety of projects throughout the United States, Lenity’s team stepped up its licensing game:

  • Marcus Hite became licensed in Maryland, Maine, and Washington
  • Matthew Davis, PE is now licensed in 33 states
  • Todd Coughran became a licensed architect in Arizona
  • Nathan Jones, PE is now licensed in Oregon, California, Maine, and Illinois

Fun Fact #3

The Tieton project placed Third in the Major Renovation category for DJC’s TopProjects

Lenity Architecture Tieton DJC Top Project

New Projects Started


Senior Housing: 33 Commercial: 20
Hospitality: 4 Medical Office: 6
Remodel / Addition: 13 TI’s: 15
Multi-Family: 6 Residential: 12
MEP Consultation: 4

Fun Fact #1

376,308 miles flown on behalf of our clients’ projects.

Fun Fact #2:

On Staff, Lenity has:

  • 10 architects
  • 3 professional engineers
  • 1 landscape architect

Frequent Flyers:

  • Aaron: 14,345 miles
  • Bob: 20,195 miles
  • Brian C.: 8,228 miles
  • Brian L.: 23,141 miles
  • Dan P.: 40,465 miles
  • Dan R.: 7,701 miles
  • Greg: 11,892 miles
  • Kristi: 26,892 miles
  • Marcus: 17,192 miles
  • Mark: 61,386 miles
  • Matthew: 16,122 miles
  • Nathan: 11,347 miles
  • Ron: 75,457 miles

Here’s to a prosperous and peaceful 2020 for all!