Dan’s passion for architecture began with a romantic idea of all it represented and evolved into a sense of deep appreciation for the relationships that happen along the way.

As Dan observed his well-dressed relative traveling to exotic places like China and Saudi Arabia he thought that was the life for him. Through school, the study of architecture instilled in him the appreciation of design of space and buildings but as his career evolved, so did his passion and source of inspiration.

Dan gravitates towards the development side of the business where he finds the most opportunity for engaging with people. Always one to break the norm, Dan enjoys talking with attorneys in particular. “I enjoy how they deal with words and concepts. They’re very deliberate. That’s one of the things I enjoy about architecture. It’s a very deliberate thing–to take words and ultimately create buildings.”

After graduating in 1989 with a Bachelor of Architecture from Drury University, in Springfield, Missouri, Dan worked at a design firm in North Carolina focusing on coastal architecture. In 1992, he moved to Oregon from St. Louis, Missouri. In 1994, Dan began working with Curry Brandaw Architects–initially as an intern focusing on apartment design. In 2002, he accepted an opportunity to work with Hollywood Entertainment as the Manager of Architecture. In 2004, Dan returned to Salem where he worked again with Cliff Curry. In 2010, Dan purchased the firm along with shareholders Kristin Newland and Marcus Hite and together they founded Lenity Architecture.

Design and building is the theme of the Roach household. Dan’s children are five and seven and both are interested in construction. Whether it’s their own remodel or out on a job site, they are constantly exposed to the industry. Dan’s wife, Gillian, is an interior designer and the two of them met designing video and game stores for Hollywood Entertainment, “I have the smartest and most beautiful children that have ever been born or ever will be born and I’ve got the greatest wife that a man could ever have.” Dan is a self-proclaimed geek, a snowboarder and traveler at heart. He has logged over one million air miles to date. If Dan could be any sound, he would be the distant beep of a satellite. It reminds him of being on the road at night, under the stars, and enjoying the quiet solitude of the open road.

As the lead architect and a shareholder at Lenity, Dan has managed several hundred projects from preliminary design through permit issuance. Dan has been in the senior housing industry since 1994 and brings his strong design and management skills to the team. During his career he has obtained entitlements and permits for over 300 projects. Dan is NCARB certified and holds licenses in Oregon and 35 additional states.

“It’s always been about the personal relationships that I’ve had throughout my career. To me, it’s more about the people than the objects. I enjoy the interactions with people throughout the entire process–the clients, the staff and the people whose lives we impact through these buildings. It’s about the lives that seniors have inside the buildings that we’re a part of. The objects are important too because architecture inspires us to think about creating a space on a very personal level that people can enjoy. I think that’s what we all find exciting around here. Everyone is invested in who we’re serving and that’s what drives how good our buildings are–what our design does.”