Set against the backdrop of breathtaking desert and mountain views, Desert Springs Gracious Retirement independent living community harmonizes with the natural environment while providing seniors a comfortable and thoughtfully designed extension of home.

The community features 125 tastefully designed units and seven cottages a short walking distance from the main building. The building, cottages and even the landscaping are designed to capture the essence of the desert’s beauty while encouraging whole mind and body health for residents. The cottages provide residents with a greater sense of independence while pathways connect them easily with the main building.

Easy access to all of the main building’s amenities and activities encourages seniors to venture out of their homes and engage with the entire community. The neighboring communities cherished their view and one of our priorities was to ensure it remained the focal point. After meeting with neighbors and the local jurisdictions several times over the course of the project to address the needs of the community, steps were taken to preserve the views and breathing room that draw people to the desert. The main building was kept to two stories in height and special care was taken to locate it further back from the neighborhood. Common areas were strategically placed in order to maximize our own exposure to the beautiful mountain views. Additionally, each unit features a shaded deck or patio so that residents may comfortably appreciate the views from outside of their suite.

  • Architectural Planning
  • Permitting
  • Land Use Approval
  • Site Planning
  • Compatibility Review
  • MEP Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture