After graduating from Adelaide University in 2002 with a BA in Architecture and Design, Aaron followed his heart and ventured to Oregon to begin his architecture career.

Over the years he has amassed over 50 major projects ranging from multi-family, commercial + specialty projects to senior housing design. His true passion for architecture comes from the love of creating unique experiences and building lifestyles through design. Aaron’s responsibilities include client management, scheduling, and planning + design. He manages a team overseeing project deliverables from inception to completion. Aaron is NCARB certified and licensed in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, and South Carolina.

Aaron is also an active member of Lenity’s Management Team, where his adept skill of analyzing processes and procedures contributes to Lenity’s efficient work flow and resource management. With his time here at Lenity, he’s realized the value of building true professional relationships make the work truly rewarding. Aaron’s commitment to client expectations, budget and time lines are evident in his work ethic – making him a perfect fit for Lenity.

Aaron Clark Architect Senior Manager