Department of Human Services in Dallas, OR

Lenity Architecture has had the privilege of designing several public buildings such as the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Department of Justice, Community Action Agency, and the Office of Public Defense. We are an ongoing architectural partner of the Department of Human Services (DHS) and have provided design and planning for a dozen of their buildings. Our current project is a 32,000 sq. ft. two-story building designed specifically for the DHS Child Welfare and Self Sufficiency programs.


The objectives of the project were to design a cost-effective building that would meet the design review guidelines for the City of Dallas, complement the existing retail development, and accommodate security protocols.

The stringent design review guidelines presented the challenge of designing and selecting quality building finishes that were attractive yet economical. The materials used were low maintenance and long lasting for energy efficiency, function and beauty. The materials chosen also blend in well with the modern and sophisticated retail environment.

Because the building will serve Polk County’s DHS Child Welfare and Self Sufficiency programs, it was especially important to factor into the design high security protocols from floor to floor and from staff to client.DHS-Dallas-Oregon-Lenity-Architecture-3



This exciting project is scheduled for a spring of 2016 completion. The caring staff of DHS are looking forward to moving into their new home with eager anticipation!

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