ECLIPTIC at The Village at Sunriver

In a world where finite resources and creativity in conservation are key, the ECLIPTIC at Sunriver is a tribute to one of the most powerful of all known energy sources–the sun.

The 1460 sq. ft. building is sited to mirror the curve of the sun’s path throughout the year. Such orientation allows potential passive solar energy to be captured by the building through passive solar design. Horizontal and vertical fins act as solar control allowing or denying the sun’s energy into the building at various times of the year.

Brewed Awakenings-3

The arc design is deliberate, powerful and simple. The building’s renovation and massing steps to the west create a hierarchy of forms culminating in a tower element which compliments adjacent buildings and provides a gateway to The Village at Sunriver. The interior curve forms an intimate plaza and entry node for the visitor experience. The interior/exterior seating area within the curve–with its garage doors and operable adjacent windows–bring the beauty of the outdoors in.

The roof form is slightly concave and the intersection with the tower element was challenging. Extensive coordination and detailed computer modeling was used to accurately describe the structure for the builders.

The building’s goal was to house a coffee shop with drive through. An internal access road was created to serve the drive through and join the two previously unconnected parking areas of the site. The windows and vegetated screens create a procession and rhythm at the front of the building’s length.

ECLIPTIC at Sunriver celebrates place, site and our time within it.

Brewed Awakenings-2

Brewed Awakenings

Restaurant Interior Architecture

Restaurant Architecture
Photography by Cheryl McIntosh | Lenity Architecture

Stylish Retirement Living in Cambridge, Ontario

The 128 unit, 122,267 Sq. Ft . Heritage Meadows retirement community, located on the main road through downtown Cambridge, brings an urban flair to the traditional senior housing design. The striking James Hardie panel siding, trimmed with Fry Reglet aluminum moldings gives the building a stately modern presence that stands out among independent living communities.

East Longmeadow_W-9

Working with limited space, the design incorporates additional parking under the building giving the north side of the facility the appearance of being five stories tall. The built-in parking created the ideal space in the interior of the building for a gym and wellness center. Curved soffits and ceilings lend a sense of fluidity and movement to the gym and its adjoining kitchen area.

East Longmeadow_W-7

East Longmeadow_W-6

East Longmeadow_W-5

East Longmeadow_W-4

East Longmeadow_W-3

East Longmeadow_W-2

Another unique feature at Heritage Meadows is the large outdoor covered patio and gas fireplace nestled comfortably between a gently winding path and grassy area. Together with a number of common areas spread throughout the building, Heritage Meadows is designed to encourage interaction, movement and contribute to senior’s quality of life.

East Longmeadow_W

East Longmeadow_W-8
Photography ©Cheryl McIntosh | Lenity Architecture

Vancouver Hampton Inn & Suites

Vancouver’s Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel recently opened its doors after a year long design and build process. Designed by Lenity Architecture, the four storied, 99 room hotel features an indoor swimming pool and other amenities appealing to the business class traveler.

 “As a Hilton franchised property, the design guidelines were very stringent. It’s rewarding to see a project like this come together through close collaboration with the client, franchisor and the architectural team. Our vision with this and every project is to provide a seamless and profitable planning, design and building experience that integrates perfectly with any existing design program. At the end of the day, our work and processes reflect our heart for the people we work with and those who enter the walls we help build.” Lee Gwyn

exterior-3637 copy

great_room-3538 copy


Photos by Enrich Media Inc.

East Longmeadow Assisted Living and Memory Care

East Longmeadow_Patio

The seniors that live in our buildings are a cherished part of Lenity’s extended family. Their dignity, safety and independence are always at the forefront of the design process. This 89,711 sq. ft. beautiful senior living community in East Longmeadow, MA features 71 one and two bedroom assisted living suites and 32 memory care suites–each one of them thoughtfully planned and designed to enhance senior’s quality of life.

East Longmeadow_Entrance

East Longmeadow_Dining Room

East Longmeadow_Cafe

East Longmeadow_Balcony

East Longmeadow_porch copy

East Longmeadow Living Room

East Longmeadow Living Room 2

East Longmeadow Courtyard 1

The building’s design intent was to bring as much of the surrounding area’s beauty indoors while creating an environment that fostered familiarity and friendship. Common areas such as the outdoor patios, theater, café and activity rooms invite seniors to leave their rooms and enjoy the company of others. The comforting, nostalgic flair of the interior design within these common areas recreates memories and fuels conversation.

East Longmeadow Nostaglia

Located just outside of Springfield, America’s 4th “Greenest City”, the building’s high ceilings and tall windows create vibrant common areas that welcome in nature’s beauty. A balcony café and activity area positioned over the dining room takes advantage of the beautiful natural light. Barnwood and hardware, salvaged from the building site, was repurposed and used as accents throughout the building marrying old and new as part of this community’s unique story.

East Longmeadow Cafe
Photography ©Cheryl McIntosh

Colonial Gardens Retirement Community

Colonial Gardens Retirement Community

This 139,321 Sq. Ft. Colonial Gardens retirement community features 155 suites plus 9 individual cottages. Its grand, 6,129 Sq. Ft. dining room is designed to comfortably accommodate the large campus while maintaining a close-knit sense of community. The dining area flows naturally into an open and comfortable sitting area with two stone fireplaces drawing people into relaxed conversation.

Beverly Dining Room

Beverly Living Room

The building is designed to bring seniors together while allowing plenty of breathing room for an independent lifestyle. The activity room brings the freshness of the outdoors in with its high ceilings and windows that look out to a garden courtyard and water feature. The building also features a spacious theater, private dining room, library and several common living areas.

Beverly Theater

Beverly Private Dining


Beverly Studio

Beverly Exterior 5

Beverly Exterior 4
Photography ©Cheryl McIntosh

The photographer shared of her experience of shooting the property.

“While the building and campus itself is quite large in terms of square footage, a sense of intimacy and warmth radiated from corner to corner of the property. One of my favorite memories from the shoot was watching the residents welcome each other by name as they each entered the large dining room–each new resident forming part of the growing welcome committee. It was like watching an episode of cheers but on a much larger scale! I’ve seen how light and open spaces foster people’s sense of well-being, energy and creativity; The Colonial Gardens retirement community is a beautiful example of how design and thoughtful planning come together to enhance senior’s quality of life.”
– Cheryl McIntosh





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