Grant Park Village Assisted Living Community, Portland, OR

The Grant Park Village Assisted Living Community in Portland, Oregon is a 5 story 137 suite assisted living and memory care facility situated on a 0.87 acre lot. The development is Phase III of a density infill project adjacent to I-84 and 32nd Ave. It features 28 memory care suites (47 beds) and 109 assisted living suites. Its spacious 121,000 sq. ft. underground parking garage/basement accommodates 66 parking stalls, mechanical and storage spaces. Considered contemporary residential in design, the building appeals to a comfortable and approachable urban lifestyle.


The building provides a balance between comfort, beauty, practicality and safety. The elevators open to common amenity spaces that face east toward Mt. Hood. The entry lobby is framed by extensive assisted living and memory care courtyards in the background. The outdoor space is located on the highest-grade level providing accessibility and safety to the building’s residents.


Estancia Senior Living in Fallbrook, CA

Estancia Senior Living is a 2 story, 89,000 sq. ft. community is located among the gently rolling hills of Fallbrook, CA. Every segment of wall was a varying section profile, adding to the visual interest along two street frontages.

Fallbrook 2-2

The 107 suite assisted living and memory care facility features 29 memory care suites and 78 assisted living suites. Its intentionally varied exterior compliments a traditional mission style design.

Fallbrook 3

Being an energy and resource conscious region, the solar panels are a key feature of this unique project. Other energy and resource saving measures include MC stacked suites and bathrooms with ALF for construction efficiency. The project’s HVAC is an energy efficient VRV system. The structural foundation is P.T. concrete slab and the building is wood framed construction.

The facility signage is incorporated in the grading plan with berms and landscaping. Extensive cloisters create dramatic outdoor spaces and gas lamps light the historic wood detailing and add to the building’s old world charm theme.

Fallbrook 4





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