A Year in Review

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Bringing a mission and vision statement to life is not a singular, momentous action but rather, hundreds of brushstrokes that work together to form a work of art. Transforming words on a plaque into reality for your team and clients requires perseverance and a shared enthusiasm for the values that your company holds dear.

In 2014, we took measure of the responsibilities that come with being one of Oregon’s fastest growing companies. We placed special emphasis on caring for our staff team like family, putting our clients’ needs first, and strengthening our solidarity as a team. We strived to build upon our strengths, learn from our challenges, and empower our team to ensure our clients’ success.

Pausing to reflect on our work throughout the year was like taking a step back to examine a painting’s progress. We asked the team what the highlights were and their shared enthusiasm forms a picture of the great potential 2015 has in store for Lenity Architecture and our clients. Below are a few of their highlights from the year.

“There has been a real sense of ownership in each of the departments and it seems to me people are pulling together to achieve our common goals.”

“Happy clients!”

“Issuance of the first Lenity Architecture Magazine.”

“Tremendous growth of our commercial division.”

“Climbing, striving, reaching higher.”

“The willingness of ALL of us to work together as a TEAM was the highlight for me. We’ve had a lot of
fun and exciting projects this year and they were all made possible because of the TEAM spirit that
was put forth.”

Also cited were permitting and zoning approvals that required a team effort, new clients & project types, and a key factor in our success–potlucks, flag football and treats in the kitchen!

For any company, large or small, living up to your mission and vision means rigorous dedication towards the high standards by which your company sets itself apart. It’s a way of thinking that illuminates each step and provides a guiding light when factors like an unruly economy may fog up your path.

We hope 2014 was a year of clarity, progress and success for you and your team. Merry Christmas, and may the New Year unveil more possibilities than you ever dreamed possible.





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