In the News – Bend Branch and the New Website

Lenity Architecture made the news headlines with the opening of our new Bend Branch and the launch of our new website. That’s lots of… um, news!



Chuck’s Produce & Street Market

Completed in August of 2013, the Salmon Creek Chuck’s Produce & Street Market is Vancouver’s second location. Its rustic street market setting contributes to a shopping experience that is progressive, welcoming and most importantly–fun!



As expressed in the overall vaulted forms, detailing and stage set features, the interior is an eclectic fusion of country barn, contemporary craftsman and retro with timber framing throughout. The exterior design is based on a country barn distilled to its most basic form. Together, these design elements signal fresh, organic and wholesome–qualities that speak directly to Chuck’s discerning and ingredient conscious shoppers.

The new Chucks Produce is anchored by the community values of the original store. It is a locally inspired and owned store and builds upon a moving trend toward local, fresh, community based food sources.


Energy efficient appliances combined with energy saving heating and cooling practices are part of the long term plan to control energy consumption in Chuck’s Produce stores. Features such as the daylight harvesting skylights and lighting control system contribute to the store’s energy efficiency while complimenting the street market theme with the use of natural light.


One of the first buildings built to the Highway 99 overlay standards for Clark County, Chuck’s Produce serves as a catalyst for future improvements to the area. The design satisfies the goal of creating an active, pedestrian-oriented corridor with retail shopping facing Hwy. 99. To enhance the overall appearance of the building while providing a more human scale to the exterior along the highway, dining area roofs have been stepped down which in turn creates more intimate interior spaces.







Glenwood Place Remodel and Addition

This three-part renovation of Vancouver’s Glenwood Place Senior Living included the addition of a three story assisted living wing, an extensive kitchen remodel and the addition of a “Sky Gym” Wellness Center.

Glenwood Senior Living

Overall, the project goal was to enhance the quality of life among existing and future residents. This was accomplished by expanding living areas in the new assisted living wing, fortifying meal service efficiency and flexibility through the kitchen remodel, and by elevating the wellness program and facility experience.

The design objective for the assisted living wing was to fully integrate the new construction so that it gave the appearance of being part of the original building. In addition to the aesthetic challenges of marrying a new building with a 12 year old existing structure, we were tasked with combining the new wood construction with existing steel construction. The units also featured greater square footage than their counterparts on the opposite wing although the facility owners requested that the two wings mirrored each other exactly from the outside.

Glenwood Senior Living

Great care was taken to match paint, trim, carpet and even landscaping. Every detail of the design was accounted for in order to create a seamless transition from old to new. To address the structural challenge of marrying wood to steel construction, expansion joints were employed to accommodate the different oscillation points between the varying materials to allow for natural movement due to wind, seismic activity, etc..

The kitchen remodel was born out of a need for greater service capacity, meal time flexibility and efficiency. The remodeled kitchen serves the needs of the entire campus–up to 400 individuals after the addition of the new assisted living wing. Service capacity was addressed with increased space for dry, refrigerated and frozen storage as well as additional space for food prep. The additional square footage and food prep space increased productivity, enhanced food service flow, and enabled the facility to offer extended meal times.

Glenwood Senior Living

Glenwood Senior Living

Ensuring downtime was kept to a minimum was of critical importance for the kitchen remodel. With a full permitting, design and engineering team under one roof, we were able to expedite the remodel process significantly and respond promptly to any issues that arose during the remodel.

For the Wellness Center, space on the campus was very limited for new construction and necessitated an innovative and resourceful solution. What started out as a seemingly whimsical idea to put the gym three stories up where a sky bridge currently stood, ultimately became the ideal solution to address serious space limitations.

The Center sits atop concrete pillars three stories over a main campus entrance road. Its elevation coupled with large windows surrounding much of the facility creates a light, bright and energetic environment with a view of campus activity.

Glenwood Place Senior Living

Glenwood Place Senior Living

The Wellness Center design incorporates an Armstrong cloud ceiling with exposed duct work between the ceiling and roof which was blacked out to create the illusion of a floating ceiling. In addition to creating an interesting visual–one that compliments the theme of being suspended in the air–the design also helps to minimize volume an echoes while creating a more pleasant atmosphere for exercise.

Glenwood Place Wellness Center



The Rio Grande Gracious Retirement Living

Rio Grande Gracious Retirement Living is designed to emphasize the dramatic views for our residents while creating an environment that encourages physical and social activity. The building and its features are designed to harmonize with the surrounding area while preserving the breathtaking desert and mountain views for our neighbors.

Rio Rancho Entrance

Common areas include a theater room with comfortable theater seating, a bistro & coffee bar, exercise room, craft and activities room, library, salon, gym, tenant laundry rooms, large sitting areas with covered porches and an outdoor fire pit, on site manager, commercial kitchen, private dining room, floor to ceiling atrium, TV/reading/computer room, chapel, and two elevators. Each unit features a deck or patio and a kitchenette with a full size refrigerator.

Rio Grande Kitchen

Rancho Grande Theater

Rio Grande

The Rio Rancho is strategically designed to position many of the units and activity areas towards the spectacular views of the mountains and city lights. We have also provided additional shared covered patios and seating areas to allow our residents to enjoy the climate and vistas.

Rio Grande Gardens

The facility is designed around a central courtyard–a traditional design element in Southwest homes. We used simple building detailing and materials of stone, stucco, and tile roof accents to integrate into the natural environment. Wooden shade trellises were used along with metal window awnings to improve the solar efficiency of the structure.


Desert Springs Gracious Retirement Living

The Desert Springs retirement community places seniors’ quality of life at the forefront of the design process.

The goal of the project was to create a stimulating retirement community that complimented the Southwestern landscape while encouraging whole mind and body health for its residents.

Paula Watts Photography

Paula Watts Photography

In an effort to create a stimulating and engaging environment, the interior and exterior of the facility is designed to encourage people to venture out of their rooms. The entire building is intended to feel like home–activity and common areas are thoughtfully placed in an effort to draw people out, encourage movement, and engage with others in conversation and activities. The theater room with its comfortable theater style seating, the sophisticated bistro and coffee bar and pool appeal to an active lifestyle enjoyed among friends.

Paula Watts Photography

Artfully designed and landscaped walking paths wind through and around the property. Residents can enjoy a private walk alone or with a companion in the comfort of knowing there are resting areas conveniently peppered along the way. Iron swings, trees, animals, gazeboes, and iron work embedded in the concrete adorn the entire property and invite residents to explore and discover.

Paula Watts Photography

Paula Watts Photography

This 125-unit retirement community is complimented by seven cottages a short distance away from the main building. The cottages offer residents additional privacy and independence while common areas and walking paths encourage exercise and a sense of community between buildings.

Paula Watts Photography







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